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The Hybrid Solar Power System in Kenya has gained popularity as people face higher electricity bills and hours long blackouts, especially during rainy season. Hybrid Solar Power Systems converts solar energy generated in DC form into usable home energy in AC form, while also storing it in batteries for use at night or during power outages. It offers numerous benefits and features for both businesses and homeowners.

There has been a notable increase in awareness among the general public regarding the use of solar panels for homes and businesses. With the assistance of Hybrid Solar Power System, you can continue to power your appliances such as lights, fans, and laptops during periods of power outages. This article aims to provide insights into what solar uninterruptible power supply systems are, how they work, and their advantages, features, and prices.

What is Hybrid Solar Power System?

A Hybrid Solar Power System is a system that combines solar power generation with battery backup to provide a reliable and uninterrupted power supply. It integrates solar panels, an inverter, and a battery bank to convert solar energy into electricity, store it in batteries, and supply power to connected appliances and devices. During periods of low sunlight or grid outages, the Hybrid Solar Power System automatically switches to battery power to ensure continuous operation. Hybrid Solar Power System systems offer the advantage of clean and sustainable energy, reducing reliance on the grid and providing backup power during emergencies.

How Does Hybrid Solar Power System work?

A solar uninterruptible power supply system functions by converting solar energy (DC) into alternating current (AC) and storing it in batteries for future use. The process involves several components working together. Firstly, the solar charge controller regulates the flow of electricity from the solar panels to the battery. The battery then stores the electricity generated by the solar panels. Finally, the Solar uninterruptible power supply, also referred to as a solar inverter, converts the DC power from the battery into AC power, which is the type of power commonly used by most home appliances.

Benefits of Hybrid Solar Power System

Cost Effective

A solar hybrid system accesses energy from solar panels, allowing it to store low-cost energy and make it more affordable and cost-effective for your home and business.

Continuous Power Supply

Hybrid Solar Power Systems provide you the continuous power supply because of the batteries connected with the system that stores the excess electricity and offer you continuous supply at night or when solar panels do not produce the electricity.

Low Maintenance Cost

Like every other component of a solar system, Hybrid Solar Power System also requires very low maintenance. This is because batteries and inverters typically come with a 10-year warranty, minimizing the cost of maintenance.

Better Load Management

Hybrid Solar Power System does not provide high power immediately upon activation. Instead, it manages power efficiently and adjusts the power output based on the devices connected to it. This ensures that solar uninterruptible power supply will not cause any damage to your electrical devices.

Efficient In All Situations

The Solar uninterruptible power supply/Solar Hybrid UPS system is ideal for both homes and businesses. It does not waste any electricity and can operate smoothly and effortlessly.

Features of Hybrid Solar Power System

Solar Power Compatibility

Hybrid Solar Power System systems are specially designed to work with solar panels and efficiently convert solar energy into usable electricity.

Hybrid Functionality

Some solar uninterruptible power supply systems offer hybrid functionality, allowing them to seamlessly switch between solar power, battery power, and grid power as needed. This provides flexibility and optimizes energy usage.

Power Monitoring and Management

Hybrid Solar Power systems often come with built-in power monitoring and management features. Users can monitor the solar energy production, battery status, and power consumption in real-time, allowing for efficient energy management.

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

Hybrid solar power systems includes automatic voltage regulation technology, which is used to stabilize the voltage and protect appliances from electricity fluctuations.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Advanced Hybrid Solar Power System systems allow users to manage theirpower system through mobile apps, enabling them to control and monitor it from anywhere.

Hybrid Solar Power System Price In Kenya

The price of a Hybrid Solar Power System can vary depending on various factors such as the system’s capacity, the capacity of the inverter and batteries, and the brand you choose for both inverters and batteries. However, here we will provide you with guidance on the estimated prices of Hybrid Solar Power System units of different capacities.

3KW Hybrid Solar Power System Price in Kenya

A 3kW Hybrid Solar Power System consists of a hybrid inverter with a capacity of 3kW and 2-4 batteries with a capacity of 150AH-200AH each. The price range for a 3kW solar hybrid inverter is usually between Ksh.125k and Ksh.175k. Batteries commonly used with Hybrid Solar Power System systems typically have a capacity of 150AH to 200AH. For a 3kW Hybrid Solar Power System, it is common to use two to four batteries. Based on statistics, the price range for four batteries would be between Ksh.200k and Ksh.280k. Therefore, the total cost of a 3kW Hybrid Solar Power System, including a 3kW solar hybrid inverter and two to four 150AH-200AH batteries, would be approximately Ksh.325k to Ksh.455k.

5KW Hybrid Solar Power System Price in Kenya

The 5kW Hybrid Solar Power System is the most common system used in homes, and it remains in high demand. A 5kW solar hybrid inverter can be purchased for prices ranging from Ksh.175k to Ksh.385k, depending on the brand of the inverter. As mentioned earlier, the price of four batteries is approximately Ksh.200k to Ksh.280k. Therefore, the price of a 5kW Hybrid Solar Power System will fall within the range of Ksh.375k to Ksh.655k.

8kw Hybrid Solar Power System Price in Kenya

Larger houses often opt for an 8kW solar uninterruptible power supply system due to their high electricity demand. As the system capacity increases, so does the price. The 8kW solar hybrid inverter is priced at approximately Ksh.800k, and if you choose to add four batteries to your system, it will cost you around Ksh.1 Million  to Ksh.1.2 Millions. It’s worth noting that increasing the number of batteries will result in an automatic increase in price.

12KW Hybrid Solar Power System Price in Kenya

The 12kW solar hybrid inverter is priced at approximately Ksh.950k. Adding batteries to the system incurs additional costs, with the price range depending on the number and capacity chosen. Increasing the number of batteries affects the overall cost. With 4 batteries, the 12kW solar system costs between Ksh.1.2 Million and Ksh.1,3 Million. Increasing to 8 batteries raises the price to Ksh.1.5 Million


The term “Hybrid Solar Power System” is commonly used in Kenya, This system functions similarly to a conventional uninterruptible power supply system but harnesses energy from solar panels and converts AC current to DC current for practical usage. Hybrid Solar Power System offers numerous features and benefits, providing uninterrupted electricity supply during long hours of power outages. When it comes to pricing, it depends on the system’s capacity and the chosen brand. Prices typically range from Ksh. 200k to Ksh. 1.5 Million. Ultimately, the cost varies based on individual needs and requirements – send us an Email for a Quote


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