Looking For Solar Power Solutions in Kenya?

We provide Residential Solar, Commercial Solar and Solar Products

Solar Power Systems in Kenya

Jesaton Systems is an established solar power company in Kenya providing  solar power systems in Kenya for homes, businesses, industries, institutions, NGOs & Governments throughout East Africa . We install a full range of solar panels and PV systems, batteries, and full maintenance services to make the most of this green energy. Our projects include installations at residential properties, commercial buildings and schools, for community initiatives, social enterprises and public sector schemes.

Full service solar solutions company in Kenya

If you’re looking for solar systems in Kenya for your home, business, school or social enterprise project, we can offer a full end-to-end service; from initial site survey / requirements assessment, right through to design, installation, aftercare and maintenance. As one of the fastest growing solar companies in Kenya, we have an experienced team of solar engineers and technicians capable of installing quality and reliable solar power systems: small, medium or large scale solar power installations

Would you like to discuss a potential solar installation, battery backup or any renewable energy project in Kenya? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

solar power in kenya

Let the Sun Work For You!

This is definitely the right time to go solar with the best solar company in Kenya. With the increasing cost of electricity from and the rising fuel prices, Solar power is a great option that could help you keep your costs down by lowering your electricity bill especially when the solar panel system in Kenya is coupled with a solar battery backup system.


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We’ll design a system that suits your needs & your budget.


We’re qualified, reliable & skilled for hassle-free Installation.


You can put your feet up and count your energy savings!

Installing a commercial solar PV system in Kenya is a great way of reducing your energy bills by using the free electricity you are generating. For business solar system installations we aim to design a system which will cover your annual daytime electricity consumption.  Our technicians are fully certified and experienced to handle solar projects of all sizes

Our domestic / residential solar power for homes in Kenya are designed solely for your house and your lifestyle. As a reliable solar company in Kenya, we don’t cut corners to save costs, and we won’t force inappropriate options upon you to try and make more money. No matter the size of your home, our experts will professionally assess the requirements and provide the right solar power system.

Solar water pumps in Kenya are typically used in domestic water supply, agricultural applications,  irrigation projects and for pumping water from reservoirs & boreholes.

Solar water pumping can be done by either surface solar pumps or submersible solar pumps- depending on the depth of water source. Solar water pumps are affordable and  have no ongoing electricity / fuel bills.

Looking For Solar Power Solutions in Kenya?

We provide Residential Solar, Commercial Solar and Solar Products

If you’re looking for battery backup storage solutions in Kenya, look no further than Jesaton Systems. Not only can we help save you money on your energy bills, but as a business – you can enjoy an uninterrupted power supply, whilst also earning revenue from grid balancing services.

Find out today how Jesaton battery backup storage solutions in Kenya could work for you and your business.

Jesaton is a full fledged solar company in Kenya  offering renewable energy consultancy services to private entities, NGOs and public/government agencies.

Our consultancy services include energy optimizing solutions, and energy consulting services, aimed at cultivating long-term partnerships to continuously deliver a range of products and services adapted to meet the specific energy needs of each of its customers.

We provide a full range of solar products in Kenya including Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, Inverters, Solar Lighting , Solar Accessories plus more. All our products are high quality and sourced from reputable manufacturers and are all fully tested and certified to ensure the highest levels of assurance and performance to customers.

Jesaton solar company in Kenya also offers maintenance and support services for a wide range of solar products from various manufacturers.

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"The Jesaton team were very efficient and professional from start to finish. They also kept in touch after the installation."
"I had inquired from a couple of companies before settling on Jesaton. I'm happy with the job they did in my home."
"After suffering from frequent blackouts and rising electricity bills, I was referred to Jesaton. Going solar was the best decision!"

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