If you’re looking for battery backup storage solutions in Kenya, look no further than Jesaton Systems. Not only can we help save you money on your energy bills, but as a business – you can enjoy an uninterrupted power supply, whilst also earning revenue from grid balancing services.

Financial benefits + On-site power back up

At times it can be a hassle when your site goes through a power blackout, and you’re running around trying to get things resolved. Or even when things take a dip power-wise, it can truly bring things to a grinding halt. However, battery backup storage solutions in Kenya from Jesaton Systems, can ensure that in the event of an outage, your site and processes keep running and are uninterrupted. After a consultation with us, we then assess the best practices for you, and can provide an installation and service agreement for you.


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How can battery backup storage solutions in Kenya benefit you or your business?

Reduces your energy bill

After our initial assessment, we’ll then come to suggest which form of battery solution will be best for you and your requirements. Then depending on the solutions chosen, your batteries will then be discharged to you, and either remotely recharged with us, or at your site depending on the solution. We can then suggest switching to the battery power at the peak times of electricity, thus reducing your energy bills at these given times.

Ensure an uninterrupted supply of power for your site

The battery solution will almost certainly provide an instant backup in the event of any outage or voltage decreases. The response time of your chosen batteries can be less than 0.7ms, which essentially means that your supply will be seamless when transferring from mains power to battery.

Avoid grid connection increase in tariffs

If for example your energy consumption is increasing, you can easily switch to stored battery power to reduce any high peaks in your consumption profile. This indeed could help you and your organization avoid the possibility of higher Kenya Power tariffs.

Why choose battery storage with Jesaton Systems?

  • Potential income generation through National Grid by providing balancing services
  • Save money on your energy bills through switching to battery power during higher peak times.
  • Provide an almost instant backup power, ensuring all processes aren’t affected, and things run seamlessly as they should on your site.
  • Provides an ability to reduce peak consumption of energy and avoid costly capacity upgrades.
  • Reliable technology, straight forward maintenance and a peace of mind that can be fully managed by the experts at Environmental Energies.

Find out today how Jesaton battery backup storage solutions in Kenya could work for you and your business. Get in touch for a free consultation, and let us assess your requirements.

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