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Solar Energy Systems in Kenya

Jesaton is a Solar Energy Company in Kenya specializing in innovative solar systems and solutions for homes and businesses.

We have a team of experienced and certified Solar Experts – and our mission is to provide Quality & Affordable Solar Energy Solutions in Kenya.


Jesaton does not just sell the products to you – we ensure that the products are of high quality, show you how to use and maintain the systems and above all give you the assurance that the quality is guaranteed!

We Take Pride in Providing Solar Energy Solutions in Kenya To Power Your Home/Business & Reduce/Eliminate Electricity Bills
Jesaton Systems

Why Choose Us

Quality Solar Panels

We work with trusted and reliable brands to ensure that you get quality long lasting solar panels in Kenya

Certified & Experienced

We have experienced and certified technician capable of installing solar energy systems of all capacities in Kenya.

24/7 Support

Even the best products without support nay not fulfilling. At Jesaton, we are always available around the clock to support you.