investing in solar power in kenya

Solar technologies and systems have been around and have evolved over the years with time. Over the years, industry experts and solar engineers have tweaked and perfected the technology to best serve the needs of all solar clients, residential and commercial. Throughout this time, solar has been proven to serve as a reliable and beneficial power source for all properties.

Solar in Kenya isn’t slowing down anytime soon, as it brings many benefits to homeowners and business owners across the globe and continues to grow in popularity. Many individuals are eager to take advantage of the financial and environmental benefits of solar and are interested in learning more about the long-term benefits. Keep reading to discover just some of the many benefits you can expect from solar as a long-term investment!

Guaranteed Long-Term Availability

Not only does dependence on fossil fuels for energy mean being subjected to price volatility, but continuing to invest and support technology powered by fossil fuels is essentially a dead end, as limited resources do not ensure long-term availability.

Those with solar panels in Kenya are reassured through the reliability and predictability of solar as an energy source. The sun isn’t going away anytime soon, so you won’t have to worry about depleted resources and exorbitant prices of those limited resources.

Minimized Operating Costs

Some homeowners and business owners are hesitant about the upfront investment for solar; however, once your solar panels and system are installed, your solar components begin to work to help you save. As time goes on, your solar investment will eventually pay for itself tenfold. Harnessing the sun’s power to support your home or commercial property will replace your current need for the utility companies and leave you with more room in your operating budget, thanks to solar energy savings in Kenya!

Quick Breakeven Period

As we mentioned previously, your solar investment will eventually pay for itself through your solar energy production. After installation, many homeowners can break even on their solar system investment in as little as 3-5 years. Remember many variables come into play when configuring your solar payback period; feel free to reach out to our solar professionals with any questions regarding your solar investment and long-term energy goals!

Over time, the monetary savings from solar continues to increase, while production rates remain stable thanks to today’s dependable solar technology. Essentially, utility rates are consistently rising. All energy produced by your solar panels instead of the utility company applies to your lifetime solar savings. Thanks to these ever-increasing solar savings, your payback period may be even shorter than you originally anticipated.

Advantageous Tax Credits

When researching your solar options, don’t underestimate the value of beneficial solar tax credits. These tax credits play a significant role in the eventual length of your solar payback period, so it’s important to be aware of those available to you that can help you save in the long run!

Tax credits are currently available for both commercial and residential solar clients. They essentially serve as a reward for investing in solar energy. Conduct your research on current tax credits you may qualify for and reach out to our solar professionals at Jesaton Systems with any questions you may have.

Reliable Solar Services in Kenya

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