home solar panels installation in Kenya

Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing Solar Power Systems in Kenya

We’re huge advocates for solar energy in Kenya, but we recognize it isn’t the right solution for everyone. While solar…

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solar panels on flat roof kenya

3 Key Things You Should Know About Installing Solar Panels on Flat Roofs in Kenya

So, you’ve decided you want to install solar panels, but your home or business has a flat roof. Can you…

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types of solar panels in Kenya

Types of Solar Panels in Kenya

Solar energy panel technology has reached a new height in the last couple of years, and with new technology, comes…

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solar energy companies in Kenya Jesaton Systems

5 Questions to Ask a Potential Solar Provider in Kenya

Choosing solar power systems is a smart decision. By using the sun’s energy, you can reduce your grid energy usage,…

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home solar system

Will My Solar Power System Still Work on Cloudy or Rainy days?

“Will my solar system still work if the sun isn’t shining?”  Did you know that Africa enjoys 51% of Earth’s…

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home solar system kenya

Things To Know About Solar Panel Installation in Kenya

If you are thinking about solar panel installation in Kenya, this post is just for you as it looks at…

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solar system for your home in Kenya

How To Choose The Right Solar System For Your Home in Kenya

Jesaton Systems can give you the tools to source, install and use for solar energy in Kenya the way you…

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solar panels in Kenya

What Makes A Good Solar Panel in Kenya?

Here’s a startling fact about solar panels in Kenya. There are 100 different brands of solar panels from 40+ manufacturers…

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solar panels cleaning kenya

How To Clean Solar Panels Without Causing Damage

Solar panels require maximum exposure to sunlight for optimum solar energy production. Anything that blocks the panels, including dust, can…

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