commercial solar power in kenya by jesaton

Purchasing a commercial solar system in Kenya gives you an asset for your business, savings on electricity, tax benefits and reduced carbon emissions. While businesses may be concerned about the cost of a solar system, most businesses discover the cost to install solar works out to be cheaper than purchasing electricity from the grid.

There are many other benefits to installing solar systems including dramatically reduced exposure to fluctuating energy prices.

What sort of return on investment did you get from paying your electricity retailer? Solar power gives one of the best returns on investment available. Offsetting a high proportion of your energy usage is an achievable goal and you may even end up with a positive cash-flow solution.

The World of Commercial Solar Is Exciting Right Now!

The technology is mature and proven to work reliably. Your company’s bottom line has the potential to grow through lower power bills.

Going Solar shows a commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility which gives an image boost to any business.

On top of all that, Jesaton Systems offers attractive finance options that give most of our commercial solar customers positive cashflow from day one.

Now is the time to jump aboard and take advantage of the many benefits of solar energy!

Commercial Solar Systems – What To Consider

Cost Effectiveness

Before investing in any solar system in Kenya, make sure to check for cost effectiveness. Depending upon your particular need and area, there are various components that influence the cost viability for your business, including:

Solar Power System Size

Bigger solar power system can cost less money per watt than small systems due to economies of scale.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

In contrast with other power generation methods, O&M expenses of solar-powered systems are generally low. Expenses may incorporate infrequent cleaning of solar modules, customary visual examinations and repair, and conceivable substitution of inverters or other components.

Solar System Production

Installing your system at the correct orientation and pitch will ensure that you are getting the best possible results. Overall system production will also depend on the location of the installation.

Installation Complexity

More complex installations include ground-mounted systems. Working around deterrents, such as funnels and HVAC gear, and building-coordinated custom establishments can be more extravagant in price.

Jesaton Systems now offers 100% guaranteed cash flow positive investments for commercial solar installations.


Our Commercial Solar photovoltaic (PV) installations range from 5 kW to 1,000 kW+ and are a sure way to improve the sustainability and profitability of your business.

That is just the reason why commercial solar panel installations are becoming more popular in Kenya. It used to be an expensive investment in the past, with a long financial payback period – too long for many. However, with the dramatic increase in electricity prices, and falling solar panel prices, commercial solar PV installations have become more than viable today.

With electricity prices increasing over 50% in the last seven years, falling material costs and continuing Government incentives, commercial solar panel installations are now in the ‘sweet spot’ in terms of low prices and high yields.

While Solar has really taken off in the residential marketplace, the uptake in the commercial sphere has been slow. This can largely be put down to a lack of understanding and expertise on how commercial solar PV can work for businesses. Jesaton Systems is one of the few Kenyan providers with extensive experience in managing the funding and financial viability of a project, as well as the approvals to connect the solar power system to the power network.

Commercial Solar Finance

Upfront solar installation costs can be high for big projects. However, many financial institutions are now offering financial packages with which you can get 100% finance, meaning no out-of-pocket expenses when starting off.

How long for commercial solar power in Kenya to pay itself off? The best case scenario would be a financial return of just two years, and the worst case would be three years.

Our extensive Energy Management Service can turn your business into an efficient and cost-effective operation.

Why Commercial Solar in Kenya

When compared with the rest of the renewable energy resources, solar energy is the most viable and scalable option as you would only need roof space to install this resource where you can power sustainability for your business or community

By signing up for Jesaton Commercial Solar, you can save  your monthly energy bill and enjoy all inclusive maintenance as we ensure you are getting the most out of your investment. If you are interested in learning more about commercial solar systems & cost, contact us at   Call: 0715 020605