commercial solar systems in Kenya

Commercial Solar Power in Kenya is helping companies to realize cost savings and ultimate control over their needs.

The storm for solar power is sweeping across the world. Businesses and households across the country are now switching to a more reliable and clean energy source in the form of solar energy.

Commercial Solar Power in Kenya is helping companies to realize cost savings and ultimate control over their needs. Moreover, switching to solar is reducing the carbon footprint, hence making our planet more sustainable.

Some companies have gone as far as leveraging the power of solar power storage to power their businesses during outages and days with low sunlight. However, manufacturers and customers must overcome quality issues to get the most from solar energy in Kenya.

The use of quality solar modules and solar storage solutions allows companies to cut costs and enjoy increased reliability. It also helps companies to create a more sustainable and pollution-free planet.

Keep reading to discover why quality is the driving force for the successful implementation of solar for business.

1. Lower Utility Bills

Electricity costs are one of the most significant expenses for all businesses. It powers your business equipment and typical appliances. Here in the country, enterprises pay around ksh18 per kWh. Further, regular power outages hinder production and increase losses.

That is where quality solar panels come into play. Quality solar products guarantee lower utility bills. This is because such panels absorb as much sunlight as possible and convert it into usable electrical energy for your business.

Moreover, quality solar products will serve you for the next 20+ years. As a result, you can rely on high-performance solar products to help reduce costs for over two decades. These solar panels will also store enough energy for use as a backup during power outages.

2. Quality Solar Panels Ensure Ultimate Control Over Your Power Needs

The national grid is unpredictable and unreliable. It is susceptible to extreme weather conditions, falling trees, animals, and vandalism as well as planned interruptions also cause power outages.

Businesses in the country have to sometimes endure long hours of power outages, hence reduce production. Apart from the frequent power outages, the national grid is expensive. Businesses in the country incur high electricity bills every month. With the government imposing new levies daily, electricity costs in the country are set to increase. This is why The Kenya Association of Manufacturers is urging the government to reduce electricity bills to make a profit.

However, the electricity prices in Kenya might not come down anytime soon. The best bet for businesses is clean and renewable solar energy. Using quality solar products in Kenya gives businesses and institutions complete control over their electricity needs. What is more, companies can store additional energy to use as a backup.

3. Quality Solar Panels Reduce Pollution

For years, businesses and households have relied on non-renewable energy sources like fuel, natural gas, and coal to power their businesses or homes. These energy sources harm our planet. They release harmful gas emissions like sulfur oxides, carbon dioxide, particulate matter, and nitrogen oxides. What is more, these energy sources are available in limited amounts and cannot be regenerated once used.

On the other hand, solar power is clean and 100% renewable. Once you install solar panels on your solar farm, you won’t have to depend on non-renewable energy sources for the next 25+ years. Above all, solar panels do not emit these harmful gasses into the ozone layer.

Also, solar panels are more efficient and silent than other energy sources like fuel engines and generators. The use of quality solar panels also reduces water and air pollution.

4. Quality Solar Panels Guarantee a High Return on Your Investment

Every business strives to get a high return on its investment on each project. The same can be said about your recent solar installation project. Using quality solar products in Kenya guarantees a high return on investments. The good news is that companies will realize increased cost savings for more than 20 years.

Even if you choose to sell your solar farm, you are likely to sell it for a profit. This is because solar panels will increase the resale value of your property.

On the other hand, traditional energy sources like fuel, coal, and the national grid don’t provide a return on investment. This is because you will have to pay electricity bills every month. The good news is that solar panels work everywhere.

On the contrary, it is impossible to connect to the national grid in some regions. High-quality solar panels in Kenya absorb as much light as possible, even in areas with low sunlight.

5. Quality Solar Panels Can be Used in Diverse Applications

High-Quality solar power systems can be used in various business applications. Businesses can use solar electricity to power production and everyday electricity use. The good news is that they can leverage the power of solar power storage to store excess energy for use during power interruptions or after the sun goes down.

Solar PV farms can even generate adequate electricity to power an entire city. On the other hand, CSP solar farms can power a turbine to produce electricity for your business.

Moreover, businesses can also use solar energy to power water heating systems. High-quality solar water heating products absorb the heat of the sun to heat the water tank. Companies can also use quality solar water heating systems to heat water for the production process.

Another practical use of solar panels is solar lighting. Businesses can use renewable and cheap energy from the sun to power their lighting systems. Quality solar panels can generate enough electricity to even power road signs and streetlights.

Businesses can also use portable solar systems to keep electric devices and solar-powered vehicles powered on the go. With manufacturers striving to improve solar efficiency, companies can use solar panels for almost any application soon.

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