Solar Water Pumping Solutions in Kenya

Solar water pumps in Kenya have gained immense popularity in countrywide especially with the prolonged dry seasons being experienced. Basically, solar water pumps use the sun as the source of energy to pump water from borehole or water pan for domestic use as well as irrigation. These pumps are a modern invention that many big brands are adopting to meet the demands of their clients.

There are 2 general types of solar water pumping systems in Kenya: submersible pumps and surface pumps. There is a variety of applications for these pumps, as explained below.

Submersible Solar Water Pumping Systems

Submersible solar water pump kenya price

Submersible solar water pumps are pumps which, as the name already indicates, can be submerged.

They are mainly used in boreholes and wells. Since they are located inside the water, there is no need to “suck” water, these pumps only “push”.

Surface Solar Water Pumping Systems

Surface solar water pumps kenya priceSurface solar water pumps are pumps without submersion, which means they are located above the water level. The main use of these systems is for lakes, ponds, rivers, pools and to pump water from one tank to another. Special types of surface pumps are:

  • Portable Solar Water Pumps – Portable solar water pumps are often used at farms in order to irrigate different areas of the farm. Due to the low weight the pump (and solar panel) can easily be moved around.
  • Solar Pool Pumps – Water in swimming pools needs to be regularly filtered. As this can be relatively energy intense, many pool owners in sunny areas, or areas without a grid connection, opt for a solar pool pump.

What to consider when assessing solar water pump price in Kenya

1. Power rating

Each borehole solar water pump has a motor. This motor’s power rating is provided in Kilowatts (kW) or Horsepower (Hp) and this determines the number of solar panels used to power the pump.

The rule the thumb is that the solar panels wattage should be a factor of at least 1.3 of the power rating of the water pump. This is to cater for system losses and periods insufficient sunshine

2. Head

This is the pressure rating provided in meters. It is a measure of how high the solar pump pushes up a given volume of water vertically at various depths. Your solar pump for irrigation will have the head indicated as the minimum to maximum range and tied to a specific water volume discharge rate.

This is normally indicated in terms of cubic litres per hour at a certain height (e.g. 3,800 Litres per hour at 50M)

3. Flow rate or discharge rate

This is the volume of water the solar water pump evacuates at a given pressure. The larger the submersible solar water pump, the greater the discharge rate. For any given solar-powered water pump, there is an inverse relationship between the discharge rate and the depth or height of pumping. The volume of water discharged decreases for every increase in pumping depth or height

Advantages of using solar water pumps in Kenya

There are several benefits that come with investing in a solar water pump in Kenya. Here are some of them;

Zero running costs – unlike diesel or petro operating water pumps that require fuel refills to keep working, solar water pumps do not require any fuel. You only need to have the solar panels positioned at a place where they can catch maximum rays of sunlight and your water pump will work just fine. This means that you will not incur any running costs once you have bought a solar water pump. For small scale farmers and other small business this is a great advantage because it means they do not have a lot of operating expenses.

Easy to transport and relocate – solar pumps usually come in compact sizes that make it easy to relocate the pump when needed.

Low to zero maintenance – since they run on clean energy, solar water pumps are basically maintenance free. There are no filters to change, oil levels to stay aware of or even tanks to clean. For this reason, solar water pumps are ideal for use even by people of all walks of life and any education level.

They are most productive at the times of need – solar water pumps in Kenya work great when it is sunny. This is also the time when most animals need water and people need more water. For irrigation, the pump will be filling the tank when it is sunny so the water can be used when needed or supplying directly as required.

They are ideal for remote areas – for people living in very remote areas where they do not have easy access to buy fuel, a solar water pump is an ideal investment. They are reliable because they will keep running provided the sun is shining – which is always.

Solar water pumps prices in Kenya – Shop Now

Solar water pumps prices in Kenya vary depending on the power and the flow rate of the pump you want as well the brand. The higher the power, consequently the higher the price. It’s important to note that solar water pumps are low maintenance and do not use any fuel to run therefore the value of the investment is recouped quickly even if they might cost more upfront.

Is it time to invest in a solar water pump in Kenya?

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