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Submersible Solar Water Pump SUNFLO-A-270H

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Solar pumping is now firmly established as the technology for water supply in remote off-grid applications and also as the costs reduce increasingly for general pumping duties. Dayliff have been leaders in the technology since the birth of the industry and today offer a huge range of options for every solar pumping requirement imaginable. Particularly a range of competitive, high specification solar pumping systems have been developed for smaller scale applications which are based on robust submersible solar pumps specially designed for PV powered water supply from wells and boreholes. Together with the pump all systems include:-

  • The appropriate specifications and number of Grade 1 PV modules with connectors for simplified installation
  • Submersible drop cable and joint together with 10m module connection cable
  • DC solar isolator with MCB control provided for module isolation
  • Safety rope and HDPE pipe connectors

Module supports and piping are not included. The various systems offered give a wide range of duties, indicative performance being given. Full details of pump performance and specification is given in the Dayliff Product Manual and should be referred to when selecting equipment.

All models are of helical rotary screw stainless steel design for high efficiency and feature an inbuilt controller that gives operating protection for direct connection to the PV modules. All models are of narrow 3” diameter specifically designed for boreholes.


SUNFLO-A 270H 3m3/day at 50m 36 270 ≥45 < 100 2x200W 50m


Peak Voltage (V) 36
Open Circuit Voltage (V) <100
PV Modules 2×200
Pump Information
Model SUNFLO-A 270H
Indicative Performance 3m3/day at 50m
Motor Rating (W) 270
Input Voltage (V) ≥45
Outlet 3/4″
Cable Length (2.5mm sq) 50m