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200L Non Pressurized Solar Water Heaters STD

KSh 65,500.00

200L Non Pressurized Solar Water Heaters, Vacuum tube type.

The product is  renown for  efficiency, durability and modern design. Our solar water heater are made in China. 200L solar water heater will supply 200 litres of hot water at any given time. We provide a 5 year warranty on the complete system. Solar water heaters have an average payback period of 3-4 years.

The solar water heater system is made up of two parts: the solar collector and the water tank. The panel consists of an absorber made of aluminium fins and copper tubes bonded together and enclosed in either aluminium frame or galvanized metal frame with a glass cover. The tanks are made from hot dipped mild steel or stainless steel.


Titanium  Solar Water Tank

Eskartec enamel coating is made from titanium blue enamel powder, and meet drinking water standard. Enamel Solubility reach Y class, and resist against 85℃ hot water. Longer Tank Life.

Unique Appearance and Excellent Performance Solar Collector

High efficiency absorber with its Sputtered Selective Surface maximizes the absorption of solar energy.

Over High Temperature Protection Device

The system is equipped with a Thermosyphon Arrestor Valve to avoid over high temperature during periods of high solar radiation, and extend the system life.

Strong Anode Rod

Eskartec Stronge anode rod can perfectly protect the water heater tank against the corrosion, and ensure the even longer life of water heater.