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345W Jinko Eagle Polycrystalline Solar Panel

KSh 13,000.00

Jinko Eagle 72M is a High Quality 345W solar panel which promises good low light performance, excellent weather resilience and impressive durability.

System Voltage: The maximum voltage is promoted to 1500V and the module strings are extended by 50% which reduces the overall system BOS. Guaranteed Power Performance.

5 Busbar Solar Cell: Adopts new technology to improve the efficiency of modules, offers a better aesthetic appearance, making it perfect for rooftop installation.

High Efficiency: Higher module conversion efficiency (up to 17.50%) benefit from Half cells structure (low resistance characteristic).

PID Resistance: Eagle modules pass PID test, limited power degradation by PID test is guaranteed for mass production.

Low-light Performance: Advanced glass and solar cell surface texturing allow for excellent performance in low-light environments.

Severe Weather Resilience: Certified to withstand wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal). Durability against extreme environmental conditions. High salt mist and ammonia resistance.


Positive power tolerance of 0~+3%
Half Cell
Poly 72 Cell
System Voltage: 1500 VDC